Philips Air Fryer Review: The Viva HD9220

Hot air fryers are all the rage at this moment in time and today we’ll be looking at the best air fryer when it comes to the price right now – the Philips Viva HD9220. As indicated by the name, this is a product that will fry food but by using hot air rather than an abundant volume of oil. In simple terms, this is a small air oven that has a pretty small capacity but at the end of the day, this is a far healthier alternative fryer that will fry French fries, fish and chicken without piling on the calories due to copious amounts of oil.

Having tested this on French fries, it has to be admitted that the end-result is impressive. When frying these, we often associate a good result with a nice color and crunchy feel to the fries. This is exactly what this air fryer achieves and the results are truly impressive.

There are plenty of air fryer reviews on the Internet today but this review is a bit more detailed so let’s talk about specifics here. Let’s start out with the positive points associated with this product. First of all, the major benefit is the fact that it does exactly what it says. When Philips came out with this, they stated that this machine was going to be out of this world. It would provide a healthier alternative to deep fryers by making fried foods like French fries without having to fry them in oil.

Philips Viva HD9220 Air FryerAt first, this seemed to be good to be true but after testing this machine, you can see that they knew what exactly what they had created in the air fryer. It’s true that you don’t fry the food in oil. As a matter of fact, you use very little oil and to be fair, sometimes you don’t have to use oil at all. Now this might mean that the taste will be significantly affected but this isn’t true. While the taste won’t be exactly the same as something that you fry in a tank full of oil but it is relatively close. On top of this, the appearance looks quite similar as well. The combination of these factors means that there’s no doubt that this machine will be beneficial when it comes to your health. And this is probably the main point that I wanted to get across in this air fryer review of the Philips Viva HD9220.

There are several other points that affect the performance and overall ratings associated with this air cooker as well. I’ll be perfectly honest that this machine is quite small and this means that it has a small capacity when it comes to cooking food. However, this also means that it will take up a lot less space in your kitchen and again, this will be something that will be considered as an advantage by some of us.

It is also a pricey unit that can be more expensive than a traditional fryer. In my opinion, this is a fairly new and innovative machine so it is bound to be more costly. The special thing about is that this air fryer is extremely versatile and this applies to the different types of cooking tasks it is capable of completing without any problems. At first, it might seem like your buying it to fry food but the reality is that it can do so much more. For example, you’ll be able to bake muffins and cakes in addition to grilling or roasting meat as well. These are all tasks that cannot be completed by any other machine and this applies to a traditional fryer as well. It also has a timer built in so you can expect to complete any task without any major problems.

I’ve found the French fries to be particularly delicious and the fried chicken is equally as good. I also cooked a herb-marinated chicken the other day and the results were truly fabulous because it didn’t take too long. On top of this, the chicken was cooked thoroughly and the flavour and taste in general was just immense.

These are the main points that I wanted to cover in this air fryer review. I believe that this machine is a must have for every household and the general concept is absolutely superb. If you feel that the capacity is too low then it might be a good idea checking out another hot air fryer that is a bit bigger in the size. All I know is that the money you spend will definitely be worth your while. These air fryers are easy to clean and are versatile enough that you can literally store the rest of your kitchen appliances away and just keep this one in the kitchen. I doubt you’ll need any other machine. I’ve loved my air fryer ever since I bought it and use it on a regular basis and this is important because most of my meals are healthy.

Not Your Average Mashed Potatoes

Some people might think about turkey or pumpkin pie when it comes to Thanksgiving, but my favorite dish has been and will always be the mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes, you might think? What’s so special about that? Well, if you’ve ever tried my mother’s mashed potatoes, you might think differently.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a friend’s house for a “Friendsgiving” potluck. What’s my dish of choice you ask? You got it – my mother’s mashed potatoes. While not as fast to make as the spiked cider – this dish is positively worth it- and you got it- budget friendly.

The recipe:

6-8 potatoes

8 oz sour cream

8 oz cream cheese


Splash of milk

Mashed PotatoesYeah, that’s it – carb-filled, unhealthy, and delicious.

First comes the worst part ever- the peeling and cutting of the potatoes. This is why I rarely make mashed potatoes. It can be too labor intensive for this indulgent newlywed.

Second, boil the potatoes in water for about 10-15 minutes. Once you are able to break apart the pieces with a fork, drain them.

Once the potatoes are drained, it’s time for my favorite part- the mashing! If you can’t get all the lumps out, don’t worry! By the time you are through with this dish, they will all be gone. I also like to add a splash of milk to move the mashing process along.

Once mashed, add the cream cheese, stirring the potatoes until the cheese is dissolved into melted gooeyness. Next, stir in the sour cream, some butter, and a bit of salt.

As Friendsgiving isn’t until tomorrow, I’m going to wait and bake the dish until then (another wonderful thing about this recipe- you can plan ahead), but when you’re ready, place the mixture into a casserole dish, dot with butter and put in the oven on 350 until they potatoes are golden and bubbly- about 40 minutes.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product.

Mashed Potato Recap:

8 Potatoes – $6.74

8 oz. Sour Cream $1.34

8 oz. Cream Cheese $2.18

Estimate of butter/milk $1.00

Total: $11.26

Note: I did not, to Mr. Practical’s chagrin, get the low fat, or generic brands for my Friendsgiving dish, because, hello, it’s Thanksgiving, and what better time to indulge? However, if you do choose to forgo the name brands, the total would be more budget friendly than it already is!