About this Website

Hi! I’m Martin and I am a fitness freak. Fitness at home has its own pros and cons. We might think that exercising at home offers us the flexibility to workout at our comfortable and available time. This is true, but the level of commitment we have towards our fitness regime matters a lot. It has been 4 months since I promised myself that I would get up 30 minutes earlier to perform my daily workout schedule. But when the alarm goes on by 5.30, my fingers run towards my mobile to snooze them. This has almost become an involuntary action daily. Procrastination has become a daily habit. Although I do a few stretches and moves, my plan of doing a complete 30-minute workout every day still remains an unrealized goal.

I keep thinking I’ll go to bed early, but that never seems to happen. I yearn for “me time”, those precious few minutes when the household has quietened down and I can relax for a few minutes and do what I want without worrying that I will spill over a sippy cup! I hope that I can sacrifice the late night “me time” and convert it into an early morning “me time” so that I can run, stretch, do yoga, and whatever else I plan to do.

The same goes for healthy eating. I’ve been trying to eat healthy for the past few months but occasionally, I’ll indulge in something and that leads to consistent binge eating. I really need to fix this so join me on this journey!